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under the sheets

When I got up, I saw the world with a light, soft glow
Everything was an opportunity to help others
Because I saw the good in everyone
Now my ayes are dark, though the world is still light
It’s lost it’s glow though
I hide my darkness under my sheets
And find them every night, while my eyes tell me to keep that soft view
It is then I find my eyes harden while tears roll out
I am fooling myself
I don’t know what is true anymore
So I hide underneath my sheets at night when thoughts get dark
To cover up a loneliness during the day
Because the world ain’t so bad
It’s just me who’s lost
So I guess I’ll just go with it
Untill I’ve learned how to stop this self pitty
And let my eyes show me what’s real
Even if that’s dark
That i’d be able to at least throw of the sheets
because I no longer need them as a cover
I am who I am
and anybody who has a problem with that
Is just a person, just as much as I am
But they won’t steal my eyes anymore or my light, or glow
My eyes are mine and they deserve nothing less or nothing more
However if you’re open to it, my eyes will share a world with your eyes
Because that gives the widest view